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The idea of meditating to change humanity’s consciousness is not ours. We credit the great Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for establishing and validating it at great expenses of time, human resources and money. What PCI brings to the table is this: Through thousands of years of evolving human traditions everywhere on Earth, humanity has built a scaffold upon which to resurrect the ancient human tradition of collective meditation.

Open your eyes and see it! Humanity's existing contemplative structures are the perfect lattice for reviving a more vigorous and intentional spiritual practice of collective meditation. We do not want meditators to be wandering about in Universal Consciousness grasping for millions of unique meditative experiences. Instead, we are seeking a revival of collective meditation across all world religions for one thing only: PEACE!

If you want to know more about incorporating collective meditation for peace into your spiritual community or religious contemplative tradition, and have it be effective and productive, please contact us!

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