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December 26, 2015






CBS News recently reported that group meditation will be an emerging health trend in 2016, especially among the millennials. [1]  We at Peace Centers International, Inc. think collective meditation is much more than a wellness or lifestyle trend. While this may be the invitation many churches and spiritual centers have been waiting for to engage the millennials, it is also a call to dive deeper into something that touches all of humanity: world peace through starting a Waves of PeaceSM group meditation initiative.


People want peace now, but don’t know where or how to find it. We are here to suggest that Peace Already Is – it exists here and now. We are also here to remind you how easy it is to bring about within the context of your own spiritual tradition and history of group meditation!


What the CBS News report verified was that collective meditation is no longer something only aging hippies do. What it failed to show, and perhaps this is beyond the scope of the program, is that collective meditation is part and parcel of humanity’s social DNA that has been documented in cave drawings dating back some 30,000 years or more.

cave drawings


My recent book, Waves of Peace: Collective Meditation in Worldwide Practice,[2] illustrates collective meditation practices in 48 different religious and secular instances across world cultures. You should get a copy and see for yourself the depth and breadth of this incredibly simple and effective practice around the world. You should get a copy if you don't know about your own particular tradition. There is nothing weird, strange or foreign about coming together with others to amplify peace through meditation – it is human nature to do so!

Waves of Peace


This paradigm goes against all current marketing messages from the United Nations and elsewhere who say that peace is absent between nations and we have to create it through diplomacy, conventions, political agreements, staged peace talks, and other overtures. All these cost a lot of time and money. We are not saying that working for peace via these channels is unfruitful. We are saying we will find more common ground with more people when we unite in directing our attention to the Peace that is already here, rather than on some vaguely-defined idea of something that is, allegedly, not here.


Of all the ways humankind has tried to acquire more peace, from having more police and guns, to legislation, to punishing wrongdoers--one method stands out as most effective, as proven by almost 50 scientific studies: collective meditation for peace. We call it our new breed of activism![3]

pray rosary

At Peace Centers International, Inc. we have been demonstrating this principle for ourselves. Our techniques are quiet, easy, accessible, and are reiterated in the discoveries of quantum science. From the first experiments in the phenomenon of the observer effect,[4] to understanding the secret life of plants,[5] to discovering how good intentions of Person A impact the feeling state of Person B,[6] and seeing molecular changes take place in bodies of water,[7] we know that the impact of human consciousness reaches to people, places and things outside an individual's brain.


As you will read in Waves of Peace, every organized religion studied has evolved a system of group practice that is easy to share with others. All traditions included in this book believe in the healing power of prayer and meditation -- it is perhaps ironic that science has only recently verified what sages of old knew thousands of years ago!


Beginning in the 1970's through the current day, the core of the research specifically about collective or group meditation has been conducted under the auspices of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) organizations. While the research in and of itself was of great value to understanding the power of group consciousness to amplify peace, and it built a powerful case for people coming together for purposes of  meditating for peace, the body of work was not entirely credible because of its apparent self-serving end to enrich the TM organizations. The scientific community quickly dismissed much of it, while today the power of collectively harnessed human consciousness to bring about peace remains largely untapped. 

group meditation 

Other large scale group peace initiatives have emerged in recent years. Big Yoga in Times Square or Big Quiet in New York's Central Park are good examples, as are the many online synchronized meditations being organized. All build awareness and get people together for a positive experience. However, moving from one single event to another or switching out one awareness campaign for another isn't a long term solution. People are doing whatever they want in consciousness, be it praying for peace, or rethinking thoughts from yesterday or visualizing physical abundance. Hundreds of apps are available for millions of mobile devices – is this not a collective power? These are all great tools for informing, reminding, tracking, and "getting your Om on" on a DIY basis, but weak on providing a collective experience to amplify peace. 


So where does this leave us? Let's get back to basics! Let us revisit and reawaken the power of folks coming together to meditate for peace within our organization's walls! Let us teach people of all ages how to meditate for peace in whatever way we know how. Let us incorporate it into our worship and weekly gatherings. The Good News: All paths are valuable to bring about and amplify peace. The Better News: We are exponentially more powerful when we work together with that shared intention. The Greatest News: At anytime we can start a wave of peace!


The beauty of group meditation is that it is not dependent on humans achieving consensus or going through expensive training or having specialized skills to be effective. All it requires is the dedication to show up and execute the work of directing our attention, our awareness, our hearts, our minds, our intentions, our knowing, and our faith to the unfoldment of global peace through consciousness. Do you value peace enough to amplify it with your peers?

collective meditation 

Join us in collective meditation for peace at your usual gathering or worship service. You can begin right now by reaching out to your congregations, your groups, your meet-ups, your "peeps," and reawaken to your own rich history of collective meditation for peace. The world needs you to join this Wave of PeaceSM!




Rev. Dr. Margo Ruark


Peace Centers International, Inc.

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P.S. Drop us a line and let us know of your successes with group meditation big and small! We will share them on our social media pages and newsletter!


P.P.S. If you don't know how to get started, please contact us!

[2] Ordering information for Waves of Peace: Collective Meditation in Worldwide Practice (2015):  - available on as paperback and Kindle as ebook. Volume discounts available. See website for details.

[3]  Toliver, Lawrence J. Here's Peace! A vision and global demonstration of peace with a short guide for creating peaceful communities. Ordering information:  - available on as paperback and Kindle as ebook. Volume discounts available.

[4] The Observer Effect was well documented in The Double Slit Experiments which are based on a theory presented by British physician and physicist Thomas Young in the early 1800s on the nature of light. These experiments have taken place since Einstein and demonstrate how particles and waves actually respond to the expectation of the experimenter and do what he/she wants them to do. If the observer is measuring motion, the quanta become waves; if the observer is measuring location, they become particles.

[5] Backster, Cleve. Primary Perception: Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells. WhiteRose Millennium Press, 2003.

[6] Grinberg-Zylberbaum, J., Delaflor, M., Attie, L., and Goswami, A. 'The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox in the brain: the transferred potential', Physics Essays, 1994:7, pp. 422-428.

[7] Emoto, Masaru, The Hidden Messages in Water. Hillsboro, Oregon: Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., 2004.

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