Why Collective Meditation?


Is collective meditation a religion? 

Meditation is a spiritual practice found in all religions. The earliest occurrences were documented in 10,000 year old cave drawings.  


Is it even Christian?  

Yes, it is mentioned by name 20 times in the Bible and described as many times.  


Do you have to believe in God to be part of the collective meditation? 

No, you do not. However, as fervently as some meditation leaders attempt to make meditation secular, it is, nonetheless, rooted in spiritual practice, and spiritual stuff is going to happen when people start meditating. We want to be upfront about that.


Is there a guru I have to obey? 

No gurus. However, all collective meditations under Peace Centers International, Inc. are facilitated processes.  


Do I have to sit in the lotus position on the floor?  

Only if you want to! We usually sit in chairs, with our feet on the floor, spine straight and tall, eyes closed. Arms relaxed, hands on our lap. 


Will I have to dissociate from whatever faith community I belong to now?  

That is a cult thing. We are not a cult.  


What kind of meditation is this? Is this TM? Zen?  

We use all kinds of approaches. We are not affiliated with any trademarked school of meditation. 


How much does attending the collective meditation cost? Where does the money go? 

We usually take up a love offering to cover our expenses. Peace Centers International is an Illinois nonprofit educational organization.  


Can’t I meditate by myself just as well? Send good vibes?  

Sure, we will accept your good vibes! However, it is a completely different experience to meditate on your own than it is to meditate with others in a group. Our mission is to teach and encourage more people the benefits of meditating together. The one is not a replacement for the other.  


Where can I find out more information about collective meditation?


  We have written extensively about the benefits of collective meditation in Here’s Peace! by Lawrence J. Toliver and Waves of Peace: Collective Meditation in Worldwide Practice by Margo Ruark. You can also stay connected by signing up for our newsletter using the signup form to the right!

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