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Communion of consciousness
Sharing the Vision

Your question as to the specific audience for our project is a good one. I know I would like that audience to be Cultural Creatives. I wonder though, how much acquaintance with meditation should I assume they have?

comes around

It is now noon on Saturday. This morning’s Creative Thought has the phrase “communion of consciousness”; it is a rich, pregnant phrase that I kept coming back to all morning. While running an errand this morning, I asked God to guide me. What came back was “vision sharing”.

I wonder if we can create a service for sharing our understanding/vision that the living embody peace and peace is inescapable? I wonder if we can train people to conduct our “communion for peace” in targeted cities and areas?

One other commentary. “Communion of consciousness” caused me to think of magnification. This is where the instructions come in. This communion has impact wherever consciousness is receptive! This comports closely with the idea of radiance for the TM folks.

I am convinced that we can develop a multi-layered program that would allow us to identify and recruit, train and deploy paying program leaders.

I am certain that we are on the right path.

Eventually, I believe we can build up to a Communion for Peace event in Chicago that can be live-streamed. I also believe that the event will enable us to draw out and identify circles of peace activists to travel this road with us. Along the road we will be able to spin out quite a few peace circles comprised of likeminded activists who can radiate peace into various human affairs around the globe. For example, we could create a congressional peace circle, dozens of neighborhood peace circles, a Middle East peace circle, dozens of domestic peace circles, etc, etc, ad infinitum. The first Communion for Peace will be structured to have this result. All subsequent Communions for Peacewill be owned by PCI,Inc and controlled by the central office. The circles will have quite a bit of autonomy.

I believe that the TM (Transcendental meditation) radiant groups are creating and experiencing a communion of “peace consciousness”. They, however, believe that the only people who can impact society are those trained in TM. I, on the other hand, believe that all meditators can come together to radiate peace no matter what tradition they are trained in.

What say ye?

by  Lawrence Toliver - November 10, 2012

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