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Created and Sustained in Peace
Peace is the Normal State of Being

One day in July, I entered into meditation by asking God to lead and guide me. During that meditation, I inclined toward peace. I must say, that may have been the first time that I seriously considered the truth about peace. I was surprised to be dwelling on peace. I also thought of Mandela and Obama. It took a week or so but I eventually determined that these recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize had personified the times in which their purposes blossomed so brightly. They symbolized peace in action. A blending of peoples was manifesting in their two countries.

On a second July day, I entered into my closet by asking God to show me how peace is manifesting itself now? I then found myself contemplating my digestion! Another surprise. I quite suddenly realized that my digestion operates peacefully all of the time. Only when I am out of balance does it draw attention to itself. Think about conception, respiration and maturation; these life creating and sustaining processes go unnoticed.

During the following weeks, I realized that all life sustaining processes operate peacefully! Peace is manifesting as the life sustaining processes in everything that has life—all forms of life are sustained through peaceful processes. Peace is not just a philosophical construct. It is not an unreachable state of being. There is a vital part of each being that is at peace! Would we dare to have it any other way?

mandela and obama

It is in our best interests to keep our bodies calm and healthy so that the vital processes of life may operate in peace. The entertainment of fear, fight or flight emotions disturbs our vital functions, while thoughts of harmony, calmness and right order nurture our health.

Peace has never been out of reach. The few of us who pursue it, may have been looking for it in the wrong places. When you know that peace is an attribute of God you then have to be interested in how God is manifesting peace today! Now that I know that peace is a vital part of each living creature, I have to learn all I can about this form of peace. I must contemplate what it means for me to embody peace. It means that peace is in action as me and it means that peace is as real as life is.

by Lawrence J. Toliver, R.S.C.P. - October 11, 2012

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