Frequently Asked Questions about Peace Centers and Peace Centers International, Inc.

  • Collective Meditation
    FAQs on Collective Meditation
  • Peace Donor Training Program
    What is the easiest and cheapest way to get started making the world a better place? The Peace Donor Training Program is the easiest way for an individual or existing organization to become active in the Peace Centers network.
  • Who Can Be A Peace Assembly or Peace Center Licensee?
    Eligibility criteria for licensing a Peace Assembly or Peace Center with us.
  • Licensing Your Own Peace Organization
    What is going to make the greatest impact? Social entrepreurs who want to make a great impact and have great entrepreneurial aptitude will want to seriously consider owning their own Peace Center or starting a Peace Assembly with a sponsoring organization.
  • Board Leadership
    Meet our Board!
  • Permissions
    Can I use material off this website? That would be not without our permission. All material on this website is protected by US and International Copyright law.
  • Legal Stuff
    Legal language on our organizations' intellectual property rights, etc.
  • Privacy
    Our Privacy Policy for this website.

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