Five Reasons to Start a Licensed Peace Assembly or Peace Center in Your Community Today



1.      You're aligning yourself with an idea that's already proven to be successful. You are not stuck reinventing the wheel. The groundwork has been laid, the initial hurdles have been cleared, and the enterprise has proven its validity. While future success isn't a guarantee, the critical start-up stage of the Peace Center network has not only been conquered, but the concept has succeeded to the point of being able to grow into branches.  

2.      The management of the business has already been formulated. The need to make critical business decisions isn't an issue that Peace Center owners often experience. From product selection to marketing, the choices have already been made. It's simply up to you to carry out the day-to-day business operations. Just like some musicians can sit at a keyboard and play Beethoven by ear brilliantly, others require the sheet music to perform the same piece equally brilliantly.  

3.      The support network is already in place. You're not "in it alone" because Peace Centers International offers critical training and guidance, and above all, the Operations Manual of the proven business concept to narrow the margin of uncertainty. If you have a question, support is just a quick telephone call or Skype conversation away. It is simply in our best interest to ensure that you receive the support you require to remain a viable presence in the community.  It is the basis for a sustainable collaboration, and equates to more time devoted to peacemaking in your community.  

4.      There is a consistent easy to identify market appearance.  Licensed systems are characterized by a consistent market appearance through the use of one brand, standardized processes, products and services, consistent marketing and central coordination by the licensor. This consistency is the basis for the creation of a high top-of-mind awareness level, brand recognition and because customers value well known brands, customer goodwill. License systems also signal a certain recognizable standard of quality, which in turn supports customer loyalty.  

5.      Organizations in a network are less likely to fail compared to independent organizations. It has been reported both domestically and abroad that the majority of licensed businesses are profitable, making licensing still one of the safest ways to start one’s own business, be it a for-profit or nonprofit venture.  This is due to many economic advantages that licensing systems offer. Research also shows that nonprofits organized by licensing systems grow twice as fast as other systems. Licensing systems create added value through a rapid expansion of the successful business format. 


With reasons like these, perhaps the question should be, "Why wouldn't I start a Peace Center in my community?" If you seriously desire to make the world a better place, don't overlook the idea of starting a Peace Center International program in your community. We call it a Peace Assembly. For many social and spiritual entrepreneurs, it's the best option that exists.  


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