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I Accept God’s Goodness
God withholds nothing

There is One Life. That Life is Whole Perfect and Complete. That Life is God. That Life is my life now.

God knows and experiences Itself as me. I accept, know and experience God as myself. My life is a mold for God to express Itself wholly, fully, completely and perfectly. It brings all of Its knowledge, wisdom, love, and perfect, radiant health and understanding to Its expression and creation as me.


God withholds nothing from me. It continually knocks at my door of acceptance. I open this door of acceptance in humility and sincere, deep gratitude. For, we are One. God expresses Its creativity completely, everywhere. It is accessible everywhere. It is accessible in me as me with ALL of Its Divine attributes of Love, Wisdom, Power, Light, Beauty, Peace, Physical Perfection, Joy and unbounded, flowing supply of all that is good and very good.

Thanks be to God for all that It is in me as me Now.
I release these truths into being through the Law of Mind in Action and So It Is

by Lawrence Toliver - March 4, 2013

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