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"Imagine Peace"
What does it mean for you to embody peace?

Good morning Rev Holden. I read your daily guide every morning. This morning’s message stimulated some thoughts I think I should share with you. You wrote “We imagine that our lives are full of abundance, love and peace. And as we imagine all of this, we start to feel that all of it is possible.”

I have been focused upon peace for the past 6 months. At this point, I know that peace manifests within every living creature. I do not “imagine” this-I KNOW this.

The reason I am anchored in knowing that peace abides in all living creatures is this: the vital, essential processes that conceive and sustain life do so peacefully.

Just think about your metabolism, your respiration, your digestive system. Think about the moment of conception. Think about metamorphosis and the way oxygen enters our bloodstreams.

It seems reasonable to me that the peacefulness of God manifests in all that lives. It is as though God established peace as one of Its design standards. If man had established Peace as a design standard, would truck engines and motorcycles be as loud as they are? Think about the biological mechanism that keeps the body temperature level; can we Hear that mechanism like we hear a fan or a furnace? The answer is no.

Peace abides within us in a very concrete, yet, profound way. This attribute of God-peace-is with us throughout life. We do not have to imagine it.

I trust that you find this insight valuable in your prayer work. Thank you for creating this month’s daily guides and sharing them with us.

Richest blessings,
Lawrence Toliver, R.Sc.P.

Written in response to a meditation published in the December 2012 issue of Science of Mind Magazine by Rev. Eugene Holden for December 21, entitled "Come Out."

by Lawrence Toliver - December 21, 2012

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imagine peace

There is a cliche (for lack of a better term) or rather an ingrained idiom brought to us by John Lennon and Yoko Oko, and maybe because John is a martyr for this idea, it has become a sacred cow, that of "Imagine Peace." Yoko anyway has a series of prints, T-shirts and other merchandise with "Imagine Peace" stamped on it that has become her personal branding.

You have cut a new groove here, my friend. Every minister and licensed practitioner of Religious Science knows Peace is an eternal verity. But yet at the same time will pander to the idiom. /MR

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