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Ceasefire in Syria – A Case Study in Constructive Interference or 

"The Maharishi Effect"  



Berwyn, IL -- March 3, 2016 



People everywhere are asking "What do we do about ISIS?" but most feel powerless to be part of the solution. James Twyman, a spiritual activist and folk singer from Portland, OR, recently organized a powerful counteroffensive right at the Israeli-Syrian border: a collective meditation for peace.  


This group meditation was a powerful example of Constructive Interference, also called "The Maharishi Effect." Over 35 years ago scientists verified that when people meditate for peace together, more often than not, violence and fighting are reduced.  


Syria seen from Israel


In the days January 31-February 1, 2016, Twyman assembled 100-odd supporters in Majdal Shams, a Druze community in Israeli-occupied Syria. Millions of others joined in consciousness through a virtual worldwide synchronized peace meditation. The objective was to rally as many people as possible to simultaneously "focus our Affirmative Prayers on ISIS in order to—miraculously, somehow, in unprecedented fashion—stem the bloodshed through divine intervention." [1] 


 Those who joined in from afar included the 250,000-strong Shift Network, The Gaia Field Project, The Subtle Activism Network, Be The Peace, and Unify.org's one million+ members to  name a few. They were also joined in Spirit by 2,000 Tibetan monks in South India and hundreds of church groups throughout the United States. 


Twyman described the scene at the onset of the vigil: "a battle raged just beneath where we stood. Bombs exploded and guns fired at the bottom of the hill just beyond the security fence. It seemed that we were up against more than we anticipated, but then something incredible happened. It was as if the war stopped while we joined together as one. The battle simply ceased, and remained that way through the entire meditation." [2] 


Kerry in Munich

Ten days after the vigil US Secretary of State John Kerry announced a Syrian ceasefire in Munich [3].CNN, The Washington Post and other news channels reported on the unprecedented cease fire that had transpired: "Guns fell silent for the first time in years in parts of civil-war-racked Syria early Saturday morning, as a cease-fire brokered by the United States and Russia went into effect at midnight, Damascus time." [4]


"It is the path to peace, without question," Twyman remarked in a recent interview with The Shift Network. [5] "It gets to a point where you can't keep saying it's a coincidence when it consistently happens." Twyman confessed he was not surprised when Secretary Kerry made his announcement. "Something was going to happen," he said to Shift Network interviewer David Nicol. "You never know how the energy is going to manifest …It was a dramatic situation but …the ceasefire which seems to be tenuously holding, was the result."


rock wall 

Twyman has held several peace concerts and vigils in war-torn areas of the world. [6]    I’m no sort of hero, but I do believe in the power of this,” he told Fox News. [7] He is not alone in his belief. 


"Constructive Interference occurs whentwo or more waves of equal frequency and phase intrude upon each other," explains Lawrence J. Toliver, author of Here’s Peace! [8]  "They mutually reinforce each other, producing single amplitude equal to the sum of the amplitudes of the individual waves, e.g. amplification. When people meditate for peace, brain waves and vibrations of a certain frequency and phase are conveyed. Where two or more are gathered meditating on peace, the peace frequency is amplified exponentially more than people meditating alone."  


In Waves of Peace, Margo Ruark, President of Peace Centers International, documents the role of collective meditation in four dozen religions and spirituality movements over 30,000 years time. [9] According to Ruark, "From what we have learned about the power of Constructive Interference and the social DNA of collective meditation, it is time for organized religion to converge on the inherent potential of organizing collective meditation to bring about world peace."  


 What's next? On March 21, 2016 James Twyman will go into "a far more dangerous environment than Syria – a Donald Trump rally!" Twyman told The Shift Network. "This is one of the most divisive and critical situations that we have on the earth. It is important that we be sane and responsible and not fall prey to bombasity…to pray for sanity itself." 


 Many nay-sayers mocked Twyman publicly, among them Bill Maher. Nay-sayers please note: James Twyman and his group of supporters came back from Syria safe and alive and succeeded in accomplishing a time of peace. What are you doing to bring peace to the Middle East?  


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For more information about this press release, contact:  


Margo Ruark  

Email: margo@peacecentersinternational.org 


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