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Law of Magnification II
The Word of Peace prevails everywhere

The one thing we know about all spiritual laws is that each of them has coexisted with the Creator from the beginning. Therefore, the evidence of their existence was and is present at the beginning.

I was led to read the first few verses of Genesis and the Gospel of John. Both are profound descriptions of the beginning. This declaration is clear: In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth by Its Holy Word. It is the life of all that is.

We read that darkness, earth, and something called “waters”, were also in existence. It is a good bet that this Word manifested everywhere-that is to say, everywhere possible! For what idea existed that could nullify this Word of Light? What existed to limit God’s consciousness? God’s Word was singular and clear; It prevailed! It manifested everywhere!

magnify anything

Are we to read these few verses of Biblical wisdom and conclude that nothing was going on before Light was spoken into existence? I say that it reads to me that nothing was going on before God created Light. No other idea was present. No good idea and no negative word. At the time of creation, The One was unaccompanied by any other existence except earth, darkness and waters. Darkness could not comprehend anything except darkness. The Great I Am wanted nothing to do with darkness. It chose to express more!! It discovered that It was free to experience what It choose to experience. God went in a direction the opposite of darkness. It called forth Light! And Light showed up as directed and everywhere possible!

I tell you, there is a Law of Magnification at work throughout the Cosmos. The concept of Light occurred and occurs throughout consciousness. God’s consciousness was as universal then as it is now. Light showed up everywhere because a singular infinite being, occupying infinite space conceived of it within Its infinite consciousness!

I’m here to say that our Word of Peace can magnify everywhere possible. For this Law of Magnification is open, receptive and responsive to peacemakers in the same manner It responded to God’s Word. There ought to be some people of faith who can stand up and say Amen to that. Let there be Peace!!! Let there be Peace.

I thank God with all of my heart for bringing Light to my eager mind. For this is The Light-Peace is ours for the choosing! Peace everywhere possible.

Consciousness is the arena of magnification. Let us be in unison on this. Let’s get on the road of Peace. The Way of Peace is the Peace we seek

by Lawrence J. Toliver - August 10, 2012

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