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Law of Magnification III
Consciousness magnifies thought

Let’s be frank about it: abundance is the effect of the Law of Magnification at work. Abundance is not a Cause, it is a result of the Law of Magnification at work.

Let’s remember what a magnifying glass does. It can be used in a number of ways. Used in the presence of the Sun, a magnifying glass can focus and concentrate many light rays and direct them to a point that is very bright and very hot. Used to create a larger view of the printed word or to examine a very small object, magnifying glasses make things larger so that more details are visible. Essentially, magnification may be more or less powerful depending upon the shape of the lens that is being used.

How is it that consciousness can magnify a thought? In order to claim that a Law of Magnification exists, we must postulate and prove that consciousness has the capacity to enlarge the impact of thought. What is the nature of the lens that thought passes through that causes its effects to be enlarged or multiplied?

magnify what

There is a dimension of consciousness called Universal Subjectivity which receives and responds to every thought. It is an impersonal essence which is totally receptive; in fact, it does not have the ability to reject any thought. It is the repository of all intelligence; its intelligence is thought to be all inclusive and infinite. Universal Subjectivity interacts with all of humankind’s thinking. It is responsive to all thought. It is responsive in one specific way: Universal Subjectivity reflects thoughts back to the thinkers.

In the field of metaphysics, we can and do postulate that consciousness exists everywhere. Consciousness is boundless and infinite. The power of the Law of Magnification lies in the very nature of consciousness. “There is something inherent in the Law of Mind that increases whatever we praise.” (from Ernest Holmes The Science of Mind, definition of praise).

Let us return to our earlier iteration of creation. We believe that at the time of creation of the manifest cosmos, consciousness was singular. It could be said that that singularity is what defined that consciousness as God! While that is an exciting subject to contemplate, our subject right now is the Law of Magnification. There was no opposition or multitude of competing minds. There was One. The focus of Its consciousness involved Its total consciousness. Therefore, Universal Subjectivity—The Law of Mind—received the thought of Light and reflected it everywhere in consciousness! Thus was the thought of Light manifested everywhere in the cosmos!

The Law of Mind manifests in magnification wherever possible in consciousness. The lens for all thought is The Law of Mind. All thought is operated upon by The Law of Mind. The very cosmos itself is the evidence that the Law of Magnification was at work during creation of the manifest cosmos.

My bold assertion is that humanity can demonstrate that it is at work now! The definition of the Law of Magnification emerges logically and naturally from these considerations: the Law of Mind manifests where directed and wherever consciousness is receptive. Today, our highest aspiration is to know the truth about peace to demonstrate that the Law of Magnification is at work now.

For practitioners of affirmative prayer, the natural way to acknowledge magnification during prayer is to say—“I release this truth to the Law knowing that it manifests as directed and everywhere consciousness is receptive. And so it is.”

by Lawrence J. Toliver - August 13, 2012

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