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The Law of Magnification I

Let us begin with a metaphysical premise, which I call The Law of Magnification. We all use this Law. We like to talk about the Law of Abundance. We allude to counting the stars or the grains of sand and we know that the Law of Abundance expresses as countless grains of sand and infinite numbers of stars and planets. I wonder what would happen if we looked a bit deeper spiritually. Do not our living God’s Laws magnify Its Holy Word?

magnifying glass

In like manner, I believe The Law magnifies our beliefs.

What if we peacemakers got down to business and combined our individual beliefs in peace? Wouldn’t our beliefs be magnified by God? We can loose the peace of God around the globe as It magnifies our beliefs in peace. Let our sacred word of peace usher in peace. Let us know, experience and celebrate God magnifying peace!

Some of us need to choose peace and be in conscious agreement with one another on how it manifests. We keep stressing about material things and money when the world needs peace. Look at the many ways this troubled Earth is shaking! Don’t put peace last in your affirmations. Don’t leave peace out of your affirmative prayers. We can fuel the global economy with something other than weapons and munitions. Let’s agree.

We don’t need millions of people to join us. We have enough peacemakers in the world today. Let us agree that God-The Law of Mind-is magnifying peace because we, the people, choose to know, experience and celebrate peace.

It is not, in my estimation, the number of believers that matters. I'll tell you why.

For, there is a Law of Magnification operating in tandem with the Law of Mind. This causes Peace to be magnified where two or three are in spiritual agreement about it. There are enough peacemakers; they’re just not acting together. Peace Centers International is creating the means for joint agreement and joint spiritual action. I am convinced that PCI is the right vehicle to generate international support for peacemakers joining forces.  

by By Lawrence J. Toliver - August 6, 2012

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