NOTE: Our philosophy is based on collective peace meditation. These are two of the meditations we use collectively.

By Lawrence Toliver

The first meditation was drawn from my understanding of the peaceful manifestation of the vital, essential processes of life in every living form.  My reason for describing  peace in this concrete, physical way is that I am convinced that these bodily processes are the most accessible forms of peace for humanity to contemplate. God has chosen to express life peacefully—the existence of nebulas and volcanoes and earthquakes notwithstanding. Every individual, whether refined or not, can contemplate the peacefulness of the breathing function and the infusion of oxygen into the blood stream and exhaling of carbon dioxide through evaporation. The peaceful impregnation of an egg by a sperm is undeniable to every mother. Life processes, when healthy, manifest peacefully! 

In the second guidance, I used these words to introduce us to the way peace—which is wherever life is—flows into, through and out of us—radiating in all directions without boundaries. 

Together, these meditation guides were intended to inform you of  

·  how I think about peace, to  

· convince you that every individual is an instrument of peace and to 

·describe how collective meditation magnifies peace. 

1st Guide

Let us each go within. Become aware of your heart, your breathing, various parts of your body, your mantra. Consciously relax the muscles of your face, your ankles, your neck, your hips, your shoulders drop, you breathe easily and softly.

Permit me to speak for you. Let my I be your I. I go into my body just below the skin to the blood stream. The substance of life flows through tiny capillaries nourishing every molecule of flesh in my body. Bone marrow constantly produces my red and white blood corpuscles.  Oxygen molecules constantly merge with blood cells—nourishing each of them 24/7. These and many other processes of life manifest so quietly that I cannot hear the blending of air, liquid, vitamins and minerals with and within my body. How peacefully life manifests itself in me. That butterfly over there, that bird, that bee, that loved one, these people surrounding us on every side are vessels of peace. Life and peace express themselves everywhere silently and in perfect right order. Every life is a vessel for peace. Peace is prevailing everywhere.

I am an instrument of peace.

I am an instrument of peace.


2nd Guide

I am an instrument of peace.

The peace of God flows through me.  That same note of peace is radiating from everyone in this sanctuary.

My energy field radiates peace in all directions. Together, we strengthen the field of peace. As it resonates, this field of peace radiates further and further in every direction. I am a vessel for more Peace—peace—peace

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