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Waves of Peace: Collective Meditation in Worldwide Practice!

by Rev. Dr. Margo L. Ruark

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124 pages - 8 1/2" x 11"

35 photos - richly illustrated

200 unique sources including ancient scriptures, sacred texts, academic journals, interviews, videos, movie scripts, philosophy texts, scientific studies, eyewitness accounts, internet resources and MORE! 

4 dozen examples of how collective meditation is alive and well in organized religion, spiritual practices, counter culture, secular culture, haute culture, politics, art,'s everywhere!!

"An awesome bibliography on collective meditation!"



"I LOVED reading this book!"

  Rev. Dr. C. William Mercer


will mercer"Dr. Margo Ruark has produced a fascinating survey of collective meditation practices across the globe, among both religious and secular organizations.  Her work sheds much new light on the history of group meditation as well as current practices and their social and scientific associations.  Dr. Ruark’s work is an invaluable resource for those of us who work with the energetic implications of collective meditation for peace, illumination and the elevation of consciousness.  I applaud the thorough nature of her study and the useful applications it provides for understanding and advancing this important collective activity in our world.” 


~ Rev. Dr. C. William Mercer 

Author and Divine Science Minister 

United Divine Freedom Church of the Healing Christ

New York City 



"... exquisitely connects the etheric dots between inner peace and outer peace." 

Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones


dr d“In Waves of Peace: Collective Meditation in Worldwide Practice, Margo Ruark exquisitely connects the etheric dots between inner peace and outer peace--and gently reveals the role meditation plays in bringing the latter to the world. The term “Where two or more are gathered…” takes on profound and personal meaning when we realize that, in truth, there is only One of us here. The wisdom and beauty found in Margo’s words (and the graphic images) serve as the connective tissue that link the mind to the heart and the heart to the soul. As you read this book you’ll realize you have entered a sacred continuum leading you to the place you never really left; your Oneness with the All That Is. At the end of the day therein lies the peace for which we and our world so deeply yearn.”  


~ Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones 

Author of, Your (Re)Defining Moments - Becoming Who You Were Born to Be, and The Art of Uncertainty - How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It. 



"...a book that is needed today."

Rev. Gaylon McDowell  


gaylon mcdowell“The Reverend Margo Ruark has written a book that is needed today to address the fast pace of modern society. People want everything faster, bigger, and better, many times at the cost of their inner peace and physical health. The practice of meditation is a great aid in balancing the soul and 'slowing' life down. Collective meditation helps create spiritual synergy that transforms the individual but also the collective Consciousness of humanity.” 


~ Rev. Gaylon McDowell 

Senior Assistant Minister 

Christ Universal Temple, Chicago, IL 



“Finally, a book that draws it all together!"

Devarshi Steven Hartman


devarshi"A sweeping comparative of viewpoints from religion and science that demonstrate collective unity.  I wish this book existed when I was beginning my personal inquiries into what it’s all about.  This book would have saved me so much time in personal research trying to prove our unity amongst the seeming chaos.  Mediation - by any name, offers hope as a way to be an “activist” in a “non-violent” way. Yes, our meditations alone, together, and in EVERY fashion MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Read this, yes.  But more important, be inspired to find a practice that suits you and join the fun!  Thank you!” 


~ Devarshi Steven Hartman 

Founder, Pranotthan Yoga School 

Former Dean, Kripalu Yoga School 



Click here and  Order your copy today on Amazon! 


Click here to order Kindle version!  


For volume discounts of 5 copies or more, please contact us at 



“Ruark describes a mechanism for making peace a reality.”  

Eric E. Page, Rev., M.A., M.Div.


eric pageWaves of Peace suggests possibility and practical solutions. With extensive research it examines dissenting opinions and potential problems of shared meditation. This book offers an expansive guide with wisdom from eastern and western philosophy. Margo Ruark describes a mechanism for making peace a reality. 


~ Eric E. Page, Rev., M.A., M.Div. 

Program Manager, Archivist & Reference Librarian 

Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village, MO 




“A must read for all who are seeking peace within themselves and within the world.”

Rev. Nancy Ennis 


nancy ennisRev. Dr. Margo Ruark gives us clear direction for becoming the ones who come together to create World Peace through the practice of Collective Meditation. 


From her experience with Collective Meditation and the extensive research she has done on Collective Meditation across the world’s major religions, she calls us to seize the power of Collective Meditation as we come together in groups to amplify peace and start a wave of peace moving across our land. 


This book is a must read for all who are seeking peace within themselves and within the world. My hope for our world is that we will seize the opportunity to make the difference this book presents us: to grasp the power of Collective Meditation by gathering together in meditation groups and start the wave of peace flowing right from where you are. 


~ Rev. Nancy Ennis 

Senior Pastor 

Unity of Charlotte, NC 




"...inspiring and engaging!" 


Rev. Dr. Nancy Anderson


nancy anderson"Rev. Margo Ruark has written a book that will greatly help expand the consciousness of people on this planet. To understand that we, as a people, are exponentially more powerful in consciousness when we work together, or collectively, is important. We live in a time when ONLY a massive awakening to our Unity with our Source and each other will allow our race to survive and ultimately thrive as Life has intended. She covers the whole subject of collective meditation for peace thoroughly and in a most inspiring and engaging manner."   


~ Rev. Dr. Nancy Anderson  

Minister Emeritus, One Heart One Mind Center for Spiritual Living, San Diego, CA 

Former Chair, Global Services, Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, CO (formerly Religious Science International, Spokane, WA)  

Co-Founder, Unity in Diversity, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico – a dialog group  




Click here and  Order your copy today on Amazon!  


Click here to order Kindle version!


For volume discounts of 5 copies or more, please contact us at


Before her passing, best selling author, spiritual educator and visionary Rev. Dr. Jane Claypool  wrote the following:

Jane Claypool"Margo Ruark is an educated woman in the style of that famous Transcendentalist, Margaret Fuller...a brilliant mind."

From the Bowker Review Index:

Ruark describes the phenomenon of collective meditation across the world's major religions and also how it is applied in secular contexts. The text shows the impact of meditation on the brains of the meditators themselves. It also gives insight on the multiplier effect of collective meditation and how it impacts communities and environments in positive ways. Although the author emphasizes the spiritual roots of meditation in its many manifestations and clinical applications today, she is not promoting any trademarked system of meditation. This book fills a real unmet need in the marketplace for solid research in the field of group meditation.



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