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Peace Innovation Lab

The Peace Innovation Lab (SM) is the name of a professionally facilitated peace dialogue series we are developing to bring together a community and ultimately to reach out to the international peace community through live-stream technology and recognized personalities. 


The focus of these Innovation Labs is to bring clarity to basic terms such as "peace" or "activist" and to clarify the energy that is shaping "The New Peace Movement". 


For example, Panelists will be asked the following: 


1. What is your definition of "peace" "activist" "impact" and "The New Peace Movement"? 

2. Where does the Peace Movement need to change to meet the demands of the 21st century? 

3. What are the demands of the 21st century Peace Movement? 

4. Panelists would represent a cross-section of the leaders peace movement: artists, activists, spiritual leaders, journalists, etc. 


What do you think?



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