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Hulse Toliver cover


World Peace Through the Back Door by Rev. David Hulse and Lawrence J. Toliver


E-pub Available at and the iBookstore - price $2.99


On May 21, 2015 renowned spiritual teacher Rev. David Hulse was joined on his internet radio program by Peace Activist Lawrence Toliver. Together they explored how one can be active for peace by using the powerful yet quiet "back door" approaches of collective meditation.




prosperity report


The Effectiveness of Church-Based Prosperity Programs: Findings of an Exploratory Study by Rev. Dr. Margo Ruark


E-pub Available at and the iBookstore - price $2.99


A summary of findings based on a survey of 50 clergy engaged in teaching prosperity programs in their churches and how effective they are from both an institutional and personal standpoint.  (2015)




waves cover

Waves of Peace: Collective Meditation in Worldwide Practice

Read about the phenomenon of collective meditation across the world's major religions, how it is applied in secular contexts, and the curious power it has to convert a group vision into a reality in the physical world in an exponential fashion.

Here's Peace! - by Lawrence J. Toliver - a vision for establishing communities of peace

Here's Peace cover

The Peace Donor's JournalEdited by Margo Ruark - a book to stimulate and capture your thoughts on world wide peace! 

Peace donor journal cover     

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aqua peace bluberries

Unique, earrings designed with PEACE as the primary inspiration can be found at Pretty PEACE Pairings on Facebook, and on Etsy. Beautiful dangling earrings are made with glass, pearls, acrylic, stones and wooden beads are hand crafted and personally designed by Sharon Mosley Wright. Just a couple samples shown above. Click on the links to see dozens more.


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Gang of 5


Peace where ur


Here is the design they are wearing, design by Imagine This Creative Concepts. 


Other colors and styles are available at: 

peace where ur 

Hanes tagless teepink tee  all day long  hoodie


turn to peace

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