Can I use material off this website?

All material on this website is © Lawrence Toliver, © Margo Ruark and/or © Peace Centers International, Inc. All material on this website is protected by US and International Copyright law.

You may save or print the results of searches and other items on this site for personal use. Permission from Peace Centers International, Inc. is required for other uses, both in print and electronically.

Following is information about reusing material from this site. 

Use Online:  In almost all cases, we prefer that other organizations link to articles on our site rather than reproducing them online. Permission is not required for linking.
Permission is required to post our articles and reports on Web sites, newsgroups, or electronic mailing lists (either restricted or general).
Permission is not required for sending an occasional copy of an article to a few people.
Use in Print:  Permission is required to reprint articles from this website. Appropriate credit must be given. Articles must be reprinted in their entirety.


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