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While it only takes one Knower to launch a powerful idea into Mind, groups serve an important role in expanding the "field of receptivity" for the manifestation of the idea. As we know, the issue isn't always lack of clarity or focus in launching of the idea, but rather in the capacity to receive.
angy peace
Many things can negatively influence our capacity to receive. One idea we have discussed is the "biochemistry of peacemaking" which in the past has been an adrelaline pumped outrage at injustice. If our circuits are filled with THAT, how are we able to experience anything else but more of that? That is why conventional peace protesting has been largely ineffective and dysfunctional. Angry people creating peace? Tough sell even to one’s self, and would have to impact the field of receptivity at a cellular level. Shifting our biochemistry to compassion, empathy, and unconditional love would have to be the first work to positively impact the "field of receptivity." This would be true on an individual and mass scale.

Magnifying the Road of Peace works on many levels. When it can shift biochemistry, I think we're on to something very powerful. And I know if we can teach it to ourselves, we can teach it to others.

by  from Rev. Margo Ruark - August 6, 2012

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