Upcoming Certified #Peace DonorSM Training Programs

Our 12-hour #PeaceDonor Certification Program equips you to run transformative peace meditation groups in your area! Learn the power of collective meditation!

NOTE:  Please stay tuned for updates for future training dates.


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Description: In this 12-hour training program, learn how to facilitate peace mediation groups in your community for better living and improved quality of life for all.

We have built our transformative platform on a different paradigm than any other peace program, even that of the United Nations: we know that peace is already here! We get to the business of accessing peace by learning how to meditate together and bring others into the fold.

Our training programs are offered in teleclass format spread out over several weeks or retreat style over a weekend.

What is a Peace DonorSM?

At Peace Centers International, Inc., we call ourselves Peace DonorsSM, (a term we have service marked) as opposed to Peace Ambassadors, or Peace Keepers, because just as blood donors give something of themselves they continually regenerate, we give intentionally of our Peace, a consciousness and energy we continually radiate. Ambassadors negotiate: we don’t negotiate about our Peace Donations. Peace Keepers defend a peace that was taken away and won back. No one can take away the peace given to us by the Creator, any more than someone could take away the rose’s redness or scent.

The question becomes "Do I have what it takes?"

During the training session you will take our self assessment to find out if you can overcome your own barriers to accessing peace.

You will learn about this paradigm shift and the new peace movement it is creating, and the resources you have at hand to support you in it.


Some people think that peace will only show up when other matters are addressed. Food to eat, a good husband/wife, prosperity, good health, equality, justice and a clean environment are just a few of the things people want first. They never get started.

Many want to help others along the path to peace, but feel too intimidated to be put through the wringer of public opinion or that their practices are too private and personal to share with others. They become invisible.

Many, many people believe that nation states are the source of peace; the United Nations states that "the preservation of the right of peoples to peace and the promotion of its implementation constitute a fundamental obligation of each State". They remain disenfranchised waiting for others to do something.

You see the endless parade of grandstanding diplomats, angry protesters fighting for peace and piecemeal efforts being made by disparate social justice groups. Being a Truth seeker, you know deep down there is a better way.

Can collective meditation can really make a difference in the world?

We will share with you the studies from the quantum scientists that support our approach and methodology.

Learn how our Peace DonorSM training program impacts the quantum field that touches all people, all life.

It will equip people to access peace and devote themselves to being instruments and vessels of peace.

Learn the five core tenets of our Peace DonorSM practice.

Learn how to clarify intentions and radiate this peace in every direction in a collective fashion.

Learn how to meditate! If you are a beginner or an advanced student of the practice, it makes no difference. This is not a well-being class, or a stress reduction class. It is a new form of community organizing and activism.

We know that peace on Earth may take generations; Peace DonorsSM are needed to sustain this great initiative of consciousness!

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