A New Social Venture for a New Era

Former President Bill Clinton is reported to have said, "Nearly every problem has been solved by someone, somewhere. The challenge of the 21st century is to find out what works and scale it up."

Centers of Peace LLC/Peace Centers International, Inc. is a social venture we know will benefit you and your community enormously because it focuses on a solution to one of world’s greatest quandaries: the search for inner and world peace. Peace Centers International, Inc. is a radical new idea in the personal transformation business, what we call a Licensed Social Enterprise.

We have chosen to create this model because we feel an urgent need to scale up and replicate a program that has proven itself successful on a local level. We have committed ourselves to defining and offering an “upscalable,” replicable, financially viable package of information, programs, events and other tools to experience peaceful living across cultural lines. To the extent these programs produce changed lives, we have an obligation to scale up and expand our social impact. We believe the business license model is the most efficient and effective way to accomplish this mission.  We also believe it will save an enormous amount of time and energy that otherwise might be spent reinventing the wheel.

What is a Licensed Social Enterprise?

Establishing a Peace Assembly  as we define it, is currently a licensing agreement for social transformation. In short, it is a contract-based cooperation of social entrepreneurs with a central support unit, uniform quality standards, that are supported by a common philosophy. Licensing agreements have shown to increase the quality and impact of our products and services through replication of proven models. We do this by enabling others, Peace Center social licensees to use the tested systems, and brand name  in return for  social results,  system development and information on impact. 



How It Works  


Similar to commercial licensing systems, the social enterprise system of Centers of Peace LLC/Peace Centers International, Inc. consists of a number of core elements:  

* A conceptual prototype and its replication in other locations 

* A manual which sets out suggestions for recurring activities 

* A brand name for the entire program 

* A contract for governing the relationship and distribution of  responsibilities between home office and licensees and vice versa

* Standardized training 

* Systematic, standardized methods of appraisal and quality  control. 


The objective of our social enterprise is fiscal sustainability with maximized social impact. This is very different from the conventional nonprofit affiliate model where you are thrown into the lake with a minimum amount of training or supervision and are forced to sink or swim. Within five years 80% sink in the conventional model. When it comes to inner peace, world peace, and peace in our families and neighborhoods, an 80% failure rate is simply not acceptable. 


We can do better.


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