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What do you know about the Department of Peace Movement?
Uplifting the Department of Peace

I was looking for a paper on the Department of Peace and only came across these links, which will give you some background. The Peace Alliance is the PAC in charge of this initiative, and they have a lot of initiatives going on in support of the Dept of Peace campaign. On The Peace Alliance Website under the "issues and advocacy" tab, there are a lot of resources there and talking points you can download.

dept of peace

The goal of the campaign is to establish The Department of Peace as a cabinet-level department of the executive branch of the federal government. Since 2001, Representative Dennis Kucinich from Ohio has been the major champion of this legistlation. He has introduced his bill at least five times.

Here's a timeline and other background.

Here's a good article from Wikipedia. As you can see, while celebrities (also Marianne Williamson) have gotten behind this idea, it has been around for a long time.

Here's a YouTube video with Marrianne Wiliamson and others about the advantages of having a Dept of Peace.

There are many states that have organizations to mobilize locally for the national initiative. Illinois used to have a big organization, but I see their website has not been updated for a couple years. Massachussets, Arizona, California, Maryland, Colorado and also internationally, this campaign seems to have interest for creating a "Ministry of Peace" in those countries with parliaments.

I'm not sure where this bill is at today, it's still being reviewed in the House committees. Here's the bill iteself:

Jan 23, 2013
What do you know about the Department of Peace Movement? Lawrence Toliver

Marianne Williamson, being the New Thought leader that she is, unfortunately reads like all other activists. Lobbying elected officials to take responsibility for peace is dysfunctional from my point of view. Yet, she and the Alliance is doing just that-being dysfunctional.

The reason I asked you to help me identify something succinct about this movement which dates back to the 18th century is because I suspect that our success with Peace Centers International will actually lay the foundation for the creation of a federal Department of Peace.

PCI is not a movement that asks elected officials to do anything. We are a movement that magnifies peace wherever we direct it! We know the power of the mind. When we have created an infrastructure that enables groups of meditators and prayers to synchronize their declarations for peace, peace will prevail where directed and wherever consciousness is receptive.

Our peace centers shall be active contributors to the quality of life wherever we focus our attention and our spiritual practices. The economic interests in America are not the only folks who have an abiding interest in our quality of living. All people have an interest in the quality of life. We do not need anyone’s permission to address quality of life issues. Peace is a primary quality of life issue. Let’s generate more of it.

Rev Margo, we can start a movement for peace centers everywhere. There are enough meditators in the world to do this. There are enough people who want to impact their own quality of living directly. Peace Centers are the organizations that enable peace and community builders to directly reduce the levels of violence and dysfunction wherever they care to be active.

Margo, my meditations have been productive. I know that your business plan proposes an infrastructure of Peace Centers that can facilitate new activism. Activism of the mind is called for! The old activism that Williamson and others still nurture does not take advantage of the truths we know. It is Mind Power that will win the day, not old style political activism.

I propose that the major purpose of every Peace Center be to create an infrastructure that enables groups of meditators and prayers to synchronize their declarations for peace to generate more peace where they choose to experience it.

We must be mindful, at all times, that we identify and encourage meditators everywhere we encounter them. Whenever we are selecting leadership teams, we must start with New Thought, committed meditators and sacred activists. At the beginning, we will not have time to engage in remedial education.

by Margo Ruark and Lawrence Toliver - Jan 21, 23 2013

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Margo, can this movement be woven into your vision for PCI? - January 23, 2013

God Lawrence, I read this and just cried. This entire last year of attempting (and mostly failing) to find some way of interfacing with the political activists has seemed like a year of wheel spinning. I will not say it has been wasted, but I can't account for much progress either. And you have articulated the disconnect so clearly here. To answer your question - yes, it is already part of the vision for PCI, and as long as we can keep to our nonsectarian orientation, we are in good shape.

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