Who Can Be A Peace Assembly or Peace Center Licensee?


On the surface, local Peace Assemblies or Peace Centers may be retail establishments, churches, community organizations, coffee houses, theater companies or dance studios, bookstores or any number of groups, businesses, and organizations that serve as a place for people to learn and practice peace skills. Individuals can also be Peace Center Seed Program leaders. Regardless of their legal status, these prospective Peace Centers can affiliate with our organizations at a number of levels depending on the experience and training of the licensee and willingness to take risk.


Which components of the program that will be replicated differ from case to case, based on the existence of any or all of the following basic eligibility criteria:


  • Prior experience at leading peace initiatives 
  • Square footage: we recommend 1000+ sq ft. space 
  • Seating capacity – we recommend seating for 35 at a minimum 
  • Leadership - Dedicated, trained, full time Peace Donor/Leader 
  • Commitment - Payment of the licensing fee and signing the licensing agreement 
  • Alignment - with mission, vision, and values of PCI 

Your best answer will come from a conversation with one of our staff who will help you decide which level of participation is right for you. Write to us to get the process started!


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