Why do we meditate? 

Outside Peace Centers International, people will tell you all kinds of reasons why they meditate: 

  • Because It’s Good for My Body - it reduces stress hormones, increases relaxation, lowers blood pressure, etc. Not bad!
  • Because It’s Good for My Relationships. I've become less judgmental, more compassionate, less reactionary. High five!
  • Because it calms me down - it quiets the internal chatter of my mind, reduces anxiety, and I even "bliss out" sometimes. Two thumbs up!

This is all wonderful. But these are not the reasons Peace Centers International wants you to meditate. . . 

We want you to meditate together with others to Amplify Peace Everywhere! We want you to uplevel your meditation practice to make a difference in the world. We want you to radiate Peace from deep within and teach others to do the same thing. We want you to teach others to move beyond a self-centered feel-good meditation practice and make the world a better place for all.

Does this resonate with you? 

collective meditation

Why do we teach others to meditate? Why is it so important to come together in collective meditation as part of the program? 

Because it makes an impact on the community and surrounding environment! Numerous studies by quantum scientists and others have shown that when people come together with a common intention, changes occur in the surrounding environment that are reflective of the intention. These studies support our core tenet that with proper training and support, a consciousness and energy of Peace Creates More Peace. 

A new form of activism is being born, an activism of the "still small voice." The New Activism is in the business of great and powerful change through inspired action. This is not the Peace Movement of yore - the days of pressuring, protesting, riots, and blame games. It is the Peace Movement of Now and it is pushing from the inside out within each one who will heed its call to become and Instrument of Peace, a Peace Donor. 

What is a Peace Donor?

At Peace Centers International, Inc., we call ourselves Peace Donors, (a term we have service marked) as opposed to Peace Ambassadors, or Peace Keepers, because just as blood donors give something of themselves they continually regenerate, we give intentionally of our Peace, a consciousness and energy we continually radiate. Ambassadors negotiate: we don’t negotiate about our Peace Donations. Peace Keepers defend a peace that was taken away and won back. No one can take away the peace given to us by the Creator, any more than someone could take away the rose’s redness or scent.

More information about the Peace Donor Training Program and Peace Centers International is available here.

Learn how to meditate like never before! 

If you are a beginner or an advanced student of the practice, it makes no difference. This is not a well-being class, or a stress reduction class. It is a new form of community organizing and activism. You will leave this training equipped to teach others how to make a difference! 

The question becomes "Do I have what it takes?"

When is the next training session?

During the training session you will take our self assessment to find out if you can overcome your own barriers to accessing peace.

You will learn about this paradigm shift and the new peace movement it is creating, and the resources you have at hand to support you in it.

Every participant receives a copy of Lawrence Toliver's newly released bookHere's Peace!along with all other required instructional materials. 

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