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  • Welcome to Peace Centers International, Inc! Be a Peace Donor! Start a Wave of Peace right where you are - amplify peace everywhere!
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  • Upcoming Events and Announcements!
  • On September 21st, join us in Charlotte, NC for a walk on the city's most beautiful labyrinth.
  • Peace Centers International's President, Rev. Dr. Margo Ruark will be presenting a poster session on collective meditation for peace at the Religious Education Association's annual conference in November. She would like to include data from peace educators who are active in the field.
  • Interested in #Peace Donor Certification or Advanced Self-Mastery Studies? These course offerings may be for you!
  • The 12-hour #PeaceDonor Certification Program equips you to run transformative peace meditation groups in your area! Learn the power of collective meditation!
  • Learn how to facilitate transformative peace meditation groups in your community using our approach. Learn the power of collective meditation! This is our 12-hour #PeaceDonor certification program in telecourse format - learn from home, over the phone!
  • Deepen your understanding of amplifying peace. This is an advanced #Peace Donor/Self-Mastery Course. It requires at least an 8 month commitment.
  • Local Groups are the heart and soul of Peace Centers International, Inc. A Peace Assembly is a group of committed people who gather on a regular basis to amplify peace in their community. When they reach a certain size, they naturally will form a Peace Center, a more formal organization that perhaps has its own infrastructure, staff, etc.
  • The Peace Center in Berwyn, IL was the original prototype for a network of Peace Centers all over the world.
  • Blog entries historical and up to current times chronicle the history of the Peace Assembly and philosophy of the social enterprise.
  • A Peace vigil in Syria lead to ceasefire-- A Case Study in Constructive Interference or "The Maharishi Effect." #prayersforsyria #collectivemeditation #peace #peacemeditation
  • An open letter from Peace Centers International to the world's religious organizations to start a Wave of Peace!(SM)
  • The reasons we want you to meditate and teach others how to meditate may inspire you to become a Certified Peace Donor.
  • Let's get together and explore where this new peace movement is going. These were the earlier ideas that developed into a Peace Innovation Institute.
  • A news release about a private/public innovation partnership involving businesses, universities, research organizations and the federal government by William Selway, Bloomberg Press.
  • God withholds nothing.
  • If Peace is an eternal verity, why are we pandering to the popular idiom?
  • Guided meditations used by the Charlotte Peace Assembly that produced lowered crime rates.
  • Peace is the Normal State of Being
  • The article introduces a metaphysical principle, the Law of Magnification. We use the Law of Mind deliberately to magnify, enlarge or increase something we will experience more of in our lives.
  • Impacting the field of receptivity for peace work on a personal and mass scale.
  • Consciousness is the arena of magnification.
  • Consciousness magnifies thought.
  • Mediation as the communion of consciousness.
  • We discuss how groups of meditators can lower crime and violence rates in affected areas through intentional practices.
  • Background of the campaign is to establish The Department of Peace as a cabinet-level department of the executive branch of the federal government.
  • Links to Peace Center Resources, News, and Related Articles
  • Order books, jewelry and cool merchandise from Peace Centers International!
  • When you donate $5 or more to Peace Centers International, we will send you this Peace DonorSM pin as a token of our appreciation. Show your support of our work by wearing your Peace DonorSM pin! Wear it on your lapel, hat, backpack or pin it on your purse!
  • Released Fall 2015! Waves of Peace: Collective Meditation in World Wide Practice by Rev. Dr. Margo Ruark! This unique document summarizes and compares the phenomenon of people coming together and meditating for peace across all religions, and all cultures.
  • Here's Peace! presents the key tenets of our program, the vision for Peace Centers worldwide, and a clarion call to action. Your purchase of this booklet supports the birth of a new peace movement!
  • Just released in September 2014 - Completely updated and revised! The Peace Donor's Journal!
  • News about Peace Centers International, Inc., Centers for Peace, LLC, Social Franchising and related topics.
  • Work for us!
  • The Web Social Media Manager will help develop and implement our Web and Social Media Strategy, developing brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and encouraging product adoption.
  • FAQs about Peace Centers International, licensing the social enterprise, and more.
  • FAQs on Collective Meditation
  • What is the easiest and cheapest way to get started making the world a better place? The Peace Donor Training Program is the easiest way for an individual or existing organization to become active in the Peace Centers network.
  • Eligibility criteria for licensing a Peace Assembly or Peace Center with us.
  • What is going to make the greatest impact? Social entrepreurs who want to make a great impact and have great entrepreneurial aptitude will want to seriously consider owning their own Peace Center or starting a Peace Assembly with a sponsoring organization.
  • Meet our Board!
  • Margo Ruark is the President of Peace Centers International, Inc and #PeaceDonor
  • Lawrence Toliver is Vice President of Peace Centers International and leader of the Charlotte Peace Assembly, #PeaceDONOR
  • Meet Sharon Mosley-Wright, Board Member and #PeaceDonor
  • Centers for Peace, LLC is the for-profit counterpart to Peace Centers International.
  • Can I use material off this website? That would be not without our permission. All material on this website is protected by US and International Copyright law.
  • Legal language on our organizations' intellectual property rights, etc.
  • Our Privacy Policy for this website.

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