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Are you passionate about peace? Let us know! We are always interested in training qualified facilitators to help us make peace a reality everywhere. We'll help you find a way to form a group that best suits you and your community. We're excited to have you with us!



text/cell: 920-268-4743

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Peace Centers International, Inc.

P O Box 98

Berwyn, IL 60402-0098


Our Board

Margo Ruark, Chicago, IL, Vice President and #PeaceDonor

Lawrence Toliver, Charlotte, NC,  President and #PeaceDonor

Sharon Mosley-Wright, Board Member and #PeaceDonor

A designated representative from Centers of Peace, LLC  attends board meetings.


What We Do

 Peace Centers International, Inc. is an Illinois based nonprofit organization. We promote peace activism through collective action of a more contemplative nature, such as meditation, creative arts, organizing and education.

Humanity's existing contemplative structures are the perfect framework for reviving a more vigorous and intentional collective initiatives towards one major outcome: PEACE!

We offer a variety of training programs and events. If you are interested in hosting or collaborating, please contact us!


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Using material from this website
Using material from this website