Training & Events

12 Hour Peace Donor Training Program

Individuals or existing incorporated nonprofit or for-profit organizations that want to affiliate with the Peace Centers network can do so through our Peace Donor Program. This is a 12 hour training program which certifies you or someone from your organization to lead collective peace meditation in your area to reduce crime and violence. 

There is a $125 fee for the Peace Donor training program, which is  offered in teleclass format spread out over several weeks or retreat style over a weekend.

Our next training program is TBD.

Advanced #PeaceDonor Training Seminar

Interested in Advanced #Peace Donor and Self-Mastery Studies? This new course offering may be for you!

Deepen your understanding of amplifying peace. The Advanced #Peace Donor/Self-Mastery Course requires at least an 8 month commitment.

Purpose of the seminar: to support participants in bringing a sense of the sacred from within themselves into the public dialogue on peace in their own unique and authentic way.

For example, participants will learn how to:

Hold the space for peace and inspired peace action.

Identify and remove obstacles to peace

Communicate effectively about collective meditation for peace

Rewrite the rules about peace meditation and peace activism through a final project

Upon completion, participants will also be skilled and certified faciltators in leading meditation groups.

Participation by personal interview plus invitation only. Small group + online format. Meets once a month for 8 months. Tuition is $250 (introductory rate). Meeting dates/times TBD. 


At this time no events are scheduled.